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Shenzhen Ying Tian Mechatronics Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a private enterprise specialized in the development, production and sales of motors and fans. The company was established in 2008. Our company integrates design, development, production and sales. Mainly produce AC/DC full range of fans. The products have the advantages of high quality, low noise, small vibration, long life and easy installation. It is mainly used for fully automatic mechanical equipment, communication equipment, welding machine. . . . . . .

Common problem

QWhy does the LED display screen have to install the fan?

AHigh temperature causes the failure probability of electronic components to increase rapidly, result……

QThe difference between the DC fan and the AC fan

AAccording to the different voltage types, the fan can be divided into two kinds of fan and direct cu……

QHow does the fan know the minimum start voltage?

AMany people think that the starting voltage of the fan is the voltage written on the label. In fact,……

QWhat type of cooling fan is used in 3D printers?

AHeat dissipation fan features: advanced design, and has a fast start, large air volume, high speed, ……

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