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Basic requirements for cooling fan 时间:【2018-08-07】 共阅【4086】次 【打印】【返回

What are the basic requirements of the cooling fan? Do you know that many manufacturers of purchasing companies do not know much about the cooling fan industry, do not know where to start with the selection of cooling fans first. Shenzhen city should be an electrical and mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. to understand some basic requirements of the cooling fan:



    1, automatic protection:Automatic locking / starting function, the fan can automatically cut off the power supply in the case of dead or blocked, to protect the electronic components, to ring without firing and burn the equipment.

    2, FG function:Fan with high and low square wave output signal, customers can judge the speed according to the fan square wave frequency to achieve the purpose of detecting fan operation status.

    3, RD function:When the fan is running normally, it is a continuous low level, the fan card is dead or the outside is blocked to output the high level. The customer can reach the fan alarm function according to the level.

    4, TC function:The fan changes the speed according to the change of the ambient temperature, such as if the ambient temperature is high and the air volume increases, if the ambient temperature is reduced, the fan is reduced or stopped to reduce the consumption.

    5, PWM function:The speed of the fan is adjusted according to the duty cycle of the external PWM. Its advantage lies in the advantages of speed and accuracy, simplicity and low cost.

    6. voltage regulation:It is divided into two kinds, the first is the power supply voltage speed regulation, the operation is simple but the speed speed is coarse, the second is the voltage signal speed control, and the speed of the fan is controlled by the narrow voltage range.

    7, dustproof and moisture-proof:Dust-proof, completely prevent the entry of dust, does not affect the normal operation of electrical appliances, damp-proof to all directions from the mouth of water into the fan caused damage.

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