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What are the characteristics of the blower? 时间:【2018-08-07】 共阅【3822】次 【打印】【返回

Blower is a kind of equipment which is used to purify air and gas and other harmful gases through conveying medium, and ensures the clean and harmless equipment of production environment. It is widely used in factory workshop, petrochemical, petroleum smelting, gas station, sewage treatment and other industrial departments, and plays a vital role. So what do you know about the characteristics of the blower? The following is followed by Shenzhen Tian Tian mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. to understand it.


     The characteristics of the blower:

  1, ordinary ordinary fan in operation need lubrication, and the blower in operation when the impeller has no friction, does not need daily lubrication, and the gas is clean and pollution-free.

  2. The speed of the blower is very fast, the gap between each part is very small, the leakage is very little, and the work efficiency is relatively high.

  3. The blower is composed of rotor, impeller, bearing and other components, with stable structure and safe operation. And her mechanical attrition loss is very small. This is the reason for the longer service life of the blower.

  4, we can choose the speed of the speed to decide the volume of the blower and the speed.

      Some of the features of the blower are shared here today. In addition, the little editor reminds you that the blower will use a long time to accumulate dust and dirt, and do a good job of daily cleaning and maintenance, which can ensure the normal operation of the blower and prolong its service life.

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