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Purchasing strategy of heat dissipation fan 时间:【2018-08-07】 共阅【3653】次 【打印】【返回

Many heat dissipation fans purchase the heat fan products that they need, they do not know how to do it, because the industry is biased and the professional knowledge is few, the second is that the heat dissipation fan products on the market are too complex, many kinds, the quality of the products are uneven, there are good and bad, so people pick flowers and eyes, so everybody The urgent need for some simple and quick pick - up plan to help us quickly find our own needs of the heat fan products, then the following is the Shenzhen city of Tian Tian mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. to share the purchasing strategy of the cooling fan.

   The first step: the appearance. It must be exquisite. If a heat fan product is not a fine product, it is certainly not a good product. The precision of the die for the fan is certainly not high. Although the appearance is fine, it does not represent the perfect quality, but the perfect quality fan must have a beautiful appearance. So, when you choose the fan, you might as well touch the surface of the fan, see if the hand is in hand, whether the color is uniform, whether there is a flaw in the welding link, and turn the leaf with the hand to see if the balance is perfect, or whether there is a different noise.

    Second step: noise. The size of the noise determines the performance of the product. If the noise of a fan product is very loud, it is obviously a defective product. The better the quality of the fan, the more efficient the design, the smaller the noise.

    The third step: brand. As a matter of course, brand products are always better than that of such miscellaneous brands, and the manufacturers with high brand awareness are not only the same guarantee for the quality of the products, but also the guarantee of after-sales service. After day maintenance, repair and so on, it will not be difficult to overcome our consumers.

   Finally, it is the specifications and parameters of the cooling fan, according to their needs, what function needs, how much wind pressure is needed, or the need for small noise and so on. Do not blindly pursue expensive or cheap, or buy back to use, it has to tangle, must buy their own products suitable.

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