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How to judge the quality of the cooling fan? 时间:【2018-08-07】 共阅【4869】次 【打印】【返回

Heat dissipating fan should be in every industry, the market demand is great, so that the fan manufacturer is increasing, some manufacturers in order to save production cost, in the production of cooling fan is good, consumers will be careful to buy inferior products. In order to avoid this situation, the following Shenzhen city should be introduced to the electrical and mechanical equipment Co., Ltd.How to judge the quality of the cooling fan?


  Judging the quality of the cooling fan can be seen from the following aspects:

  1. Appearance frame

  Usually, the frame of the cooling fan is made of plastic and he aluminum alloy. Ordinary AC fans are made of aluminum alloy, while DC fans use plastic. For the cooling fan of the aluminum alloy frame, the center axis is very important, the good center axis is copper, and the difference is made of aluminum alloy.

  2. Circuit board

  The performance of the heat fan in the circuit board design will be more complex, the parts will be many, and the difference of the cooling fan in the design of the circuit board is very simple, and the required parts are relatively small.

  3. Copper wire

  The copper wires used by the good cooling fan are both rough and strong, using a method of manual winding, and the copper wire used by the poor cooling fan is very thin, but this is only relative to the same product. The smaller the fan is, the finer the copper wire will be.

  4. Bearing

  Usually there are two kinds of heat dissipation fan, ball bearing and oil bearing. The ball is much more useful than oil and has a longer service life.

  5, the material of the wind leaf

  Good cooling fan stator is generally medium steel stator, very strong, fan blade is also durable, and the poor fan fan blade is thin, easy to crack or break.

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