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Small knowledge of automobile 时间:【2018-08-07】 共阅【3604】次 【打印】【返回

In twenty-first Century, the car has been an indispensable part of our life. All households have their own private cars, and more and more people know about the car.

    First open the small book of automobile cold knowledge encyclopedia ~

1, although China is the world's first auto sales market, the number and quantity of recall are the least. However, this does not mean that the vehicle is of good quality.

2. The initial design draft of the popular beetle is from Hitler's hand.

3, the average traffic jam per month in Beijing is equal to the traffic jam in the United States for one year.

4. Wuling Hongguang is the star of the luxury car, the most popular rear-drive in China, and the only autonomous car that dares to shout in the Qiumming Mountains.

5, there are no airbags for racing cars, because six point seat belts are enough to tie people up.

6, can not help but to the black people. Volkswagen's blue drive is a diesel turbocharged engine abroad. It is very economical to tell the truth, and the distance is also a high terror. In my eyes and mixing technology at a height, but the domestic "BlueMotion" I can only ha ha... Also, let's not say that domestic diesel is not pressurized. JEEP, Land Rover and Mercedes Benz all have diesel cars.

7. The problem of weight. The cabling of a car is about 900 meters. The weight of the copper wire inside is about 66KG.

8, most of the time, the only thing that affects your brake performance, fuel consumption and noise is your tires.

9, in the summer, it is true that the car door can be used to quickly reduce the temperature in the car. The principle that the opposite window is open to the opposite low temperature air is the only way to replace the 50 degree air in the car.

10, the first driver in history is a woman.

11, the car skylight is generally not sealed. The water that has been leaked away from the flow of the diversion channel.

12, the general car can not afford to fly in the movie, landing will be deformed (the movie is deceptive).

13. In the movie, all kinds of bullets in the car are fake, the car skin is a very thin sheet of iron, the stones can break a hole (movie fraud + 1).

14, all the Jeep front faces are 7 holes in the middle net.

15, Lamborghini was originally a tractor brand, but also a very cattle brand.

16, Porsche founder is the founder of the public's son. (the big guy is a big guy.)

17, Ford GT, once known as the strongest car, had broken the machine when it was doing its compression test, and the public burned a room when he tried to test the power of the Bugatti 16 cylinder engine.

18, when the car tire is in contact with the ground, in fact, only the size of the ordinary people's feet, so the most direct way to improve the control and safety of the car is to replace the four good tires.

19, in the summer, if you put the cell phone on the air conditioning outlet, remember to turn off the cool of this mouth, otherwise the mobile phone will accumulate water vapor because the inside is too cool and corrode the main board.

20, the legend of Audi A6 is the world's highest car shock rate.

21. The founder of Citroen is named Andre Citroen. He is also the inventor of the "herringbone" in the gear tooth profile. In fact, Citroen's logo is the character tooth.

22, Martha Lahti said power to guarantee the quality of the product, the maximum of the production of up to 75000 Martha each year, sounds very bad, but if I tell you that Martha Lahti can only sell 2W cars a year.

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