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Four reasons for oil leakage of heat dissipating fan 时间:【2018-08-07】 共阅【3899】次 【打印】【返回

Often when we run the cooling fan, there will be oil spill and oil leakage, although the fan oil leakage does not have much influence on its own, but it wastes unnecessary resource costs, so in this case, we need to maintain the fan, cause more factors of the fan leaking, we also need to step by step. For analysis, the following is the analysis of the following works: the Shenzhen cooling fan manufacturer - Shenzhen Ying Tian mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

    The cause of oil leakage of the cooling fan:

     First, the seal of the tubing route interface is not strict, and the shaft seal is the most prone part of the bearing box. If the O-ring and the skeleton oil seal of the shaft seal of the radiator fan are worn and worn for a long time, the aging and the improper matching process during the overhaul will occur.

    Second: the lubricating oil supply of the bearing box is too high. Generally, the lubricating oil pressure of the normal operation is 0.3MPa, the flow is slightly more than 3L/min, the lubricating oil is supplied from the top two sides of the bearing box, and the oil ring is set in the bearing box, and the flow is controlled by the throttle valve of the oil supply. If the oil supply is high, it is affected by the high speed of the rotor and the increase of the temperature of the lubricating oil, which will inevitably result in the limit of the highest level of the oil level below the actual oil level in the bearing box, which leads to the leakage of the oil seal. Moreover, too much lubricating oil will cause leakage at the shaft seal.

    Third: the oil quality of the lubricating oil is not qualified. Some oil quality tests are not carried out according to the regulations. The abrasion of rubber seal is caused by the granularity exceeding standard, or the water in the lubricating oil is contained in the lubricating oil, causing corrosion and damage of the servo valve and causing oil leakage.

   Fourth: hydraulic cylinder oil leakage, radiator hydraulic cylinder seal is not strict, or the gap is too large, the combination of layers is not strict will produce hydraulic cylinder oil leakage problem.


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