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What is the working principle of the cooling fan? 时间:【2018-08-07】 共阅【6081】次 【打印】【返回

Nowadays, with the development of modern technology, many industries have applied to the cooling fan. With the change of application and environment temperature, sometimes different speed fans are needed to meet the demand. The fan has the characteristics of long service life, small vibration and low noise. So you know what the working principle of the cooling fan? The following by Shenzhen Yingtian Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. to introduce you.  


  Working principle of heat dissipating fan:  

  The cooling fan is a new type of electromechanical integration fan, which uses the electromagnetic induction principle, uses the Holzer induction component as the synchronous detection device, controls a set of circuits, switches the winding order of the winding, produces the rotating magnetic field, and realizes the electronic commutation of the electronic phase. Cooling fan has a wide range of speed regulation, light quality, environmental protection and energy saving, controllability, reliability, tolerance to the environment and economy, and other aspects have obvious advantages, in the field of demanding high performance, and gradually replace other types of motor, occupying the dominant position. 

  The cooling fan uses DC power to provide power. DC motor consists of two parts: stator and rotor. There are magnetic poles (windings or permanent magnets) on the stator, and the rotor has windings. After the workers are electrified, the rotor also forms a magnetic field (magnetic pole), and there is a angle between the stator and the rotor's magnetic pole, which is the rotation of the motor under the mutual attraction of the stator and rotor magnetic field (between the N pole and the S pole).

The fan technician tells us that changing the position of the brush can change the angle of the rotor pole (assuming that the stator's magnetic pole is the starting edge, the rotor's magnetic pole is on the other side, the rotor direction is pointing to the stator's direction is the direction of the motor's rotation). After this operation, the electricity can be changed. The rotation direction of the machine. 


  The working principle of the fan is shared here today, and what we should pay attention to is that the fan must be able to provide enough exhaust (i.e. speed), and the hot air in the cooling device at high temperature, when the temperature of the hot air is low or the heat flow is less, it does the reverse work.

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