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What is the reason why the voice of the laptop is too loud? 时间:【2018-08-07】 共阅【4354】次 【打印】【返回

A laptop computer is also known as a laptop computer. Because of its portability, most people tend to be more inclined to it, and then a lot of problems of use are derived, such as the reason why the voice is too loud when the notebook is used today.

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    Cause analysis:

        1, CPU heat fan dust, dust is the natural enemy of all household appliances, not only affects the CPU heat dissipation when the CPU fan runs, it is easy to adsorb a large amount of dust on the fan leaf.

        2. CPU cooling fan bearings lack of oil, cooling fan running for a certain period of time, due to dust and other reasons, fan bearings need to be re-oiled.

       3, CPU fan blade "eccentric", the center of the bearing and the center of the center of the fan leaves deviation, the fan loosened, running speed of the fan wear faster, the noise becomes more and more.


        1, since it is the dust caused by the problem that we can clear the dust, the notebook computer can understand the friends can have their own clear ash, also can find professional maintenance staff to clean up for you, the general market clear ash price 30~60, if the other side offers a high price can also be negotiated.

       2, the cooling fan bearing oil: first take off the CPU fan, and then carefully drop the net bearing into the machine oil, pay attention to the bearing when oil is not allowed to overflow the oil, a bottle of sewing oil a few dollars look and can be repeated several times.

       3, if you meet the fan blade eccentric situation, to consider the stability fan cooling fan to correct the fan eccentricity problem; two methods, first dismantle the heat fan to find a fine line through the fan center hole, hoist fan blade, observe which end of this end ratio is more heavy, grinding a grinding wheel on the grinding wheel, know the most The posterior fan leaves on a horizontal line. Two is to change a fan directly, after all, it's hard to save.

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