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About us

A professional team

■ A management team composed of industry elites

■ More than 20 core R&D members

■ More than 15 years of industry experience accumulation and accumulation

Rich design experience and technology

■ Customization experience from over 1100 clients and design and development experience from over 280 clients;

■ According to customer needs, complete the customization of the entire machine from size shaping, appearance design, sample testing, data analysis, performance verification, etc;

■ With a guaranteed lifespan of 60000 hours, a powerful air volume of up to 5000CFM, an IP68 industrial waterproof rating, and a high-temperature resistance environment of 110 ℃, etc

Quick and flexible response

■ Regular samples are delivered in 1-2 days, unconventional samples are delivered in 1-2 weeks, conventional orders are delivered in 1-2 weeks, unconventional products are delivered in 2-3 weeks, and new product development cycle is 45 days (for products that require mold opening)

Strong production capacity

■ Monthly average production capacity of 2 million units

■ Segmented automated production and fully automated assembly production lines ensure consistency in quality;

■ The extremely low personnel turnover rate ensures stable production capacity and quality assurance.

High quality level

■ Rigorous design verification process

■ Adequate process control

■ A comprehensive quality control system

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