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How does the fan know the minimum start voltage? 时间:【2018-08-07】 共阅【2233】次 【打印】【返回

Many people think that the starting voltage of the fan is the voltage written on the label. In fact, the minimum starting voltage is much smaller than that of that voltage, that is, the rated voltage is much smaller. Let me give you a brief introduction of the two kinds of voltage.

Starting voltage is the minimum voltage that can be activated when the fan is suddenly energized.

The working voltage refers to the voltage that the fan runs normally after the power is switched on, that is, the rated voltage.

Starting voltage, the general DC fan rated voltage is 12V, starting voltage is generally less than 7V, because the system supply voltage may be unstable, if the starting voltage is lower, the distance between the rated voltage 12V is larger, the wider the voltage range of the DC fan can be operated, the fan can be activated at low voltage when the electric pressure is unstable. The starting voltage value can be measured by multimeter and other testing tools. The working current of the fan is low, which not only reduces the power consumption, but also reduces the calorific value of the fan motor, thus increasing the service life of the fan. For an oil containing fan, it can also slow down the volatilization of the lubricating oil, so the lower the current, the higher the reliability of the fan.

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